Pre-Admissions Pathway

Below is a description of the Pre-Admissions Pathway and services we offer to students studying at UK universities. We have a very strong track record assisting many students to access top universities in the UK. Using our university admissions strategy, we will help you find the success you are looking for. 

Consultancy Clinic 

Every service we offer at G5 Education starts at our Consultancy Clinic. The G5 Education consultancy provides informed assistance to international students who wish to get the best results from British education at university level. Our service will clearly outline all the options open to students. Consultants can help students put together a strategy to give them the best chances of gaining to access the top universities in the UK. We recommend starting your admissions process as early as possible, ideally at least 24 months in advance of your application.

Student Programmes: University Admissions 

As part of our consultancy service, university admission short courses and tours can be arranged privately or in groups. We can arrange all parts of these course, including UK arrival and departure, transport, and accommodation. Tours include a fully-guided experience of the university, meetings with current students and staff, and translation services if needed. 

Academics: A-Level 

A-Levels academics are a serious business. G5 Education offers a range of services that can help you. We offer A-Level course content and exam technique tuition as well as specialised study programmes for exam preparation. Starting early is key to achieving the high marks you need to get into a top UK university.

Admissions Advice: UK Universities  

The admissions process for top UK universities is highly competitive! Your best chances are starting early and preparing to tick off all the components of a strong application. This means achieving high marks in your academics, showing your interest in the university by attending open days and tours, understanding the qualities that top universities look for in candidates, and providing a strong admissions application with an unshakable personal statement.