Pre-Admissions Pathway

Below is a description of the Pre-Admissions Pathway and services we offer at G5 Education. We have many successes to boast about with our admissions strategy and we highly recommend starting the admissions process as early as possible. We help clients that are looking for help with either the full service or individual aspects of the admissions process.

Consultancy Clinic 

Every service we offer at G5 Education starts at our Consultancy Clinic, where we provide informed assistance to international families looking for education for their children in the UK school system. We will clearly outline all avenues open to our families. Following our tried-and-tested processes increases your chances significantly. We recommend starting your admissions process as early as possible, ideally at least 24 months in advance of your application.

Student Programmes - Schools Admissions

After our Consultancy Clinic, if you are early in the admissions process, we recommend the client applies for an invitation to attend their chosen schools for a Taster Tour. Students will have the opportunity to visit the UK during term time and spend 5 days at the school to see if they like it and if it will be a good fit for them. Our consultants will advise on the Taster Tours that are the best fit for them. 


At Consultancy Clinic, students will be shown the academic skills needed for successful school admissions at both Common Entrance and Scholarship fo all levels, including Prep School, 11+, 13+ and 16+. Again, starting early is key to achieving the best results. Our education experts are all from top UK universities and have high rate of success helping their students achieve their true potential. 

Admissions Advice 

The admissions process for top UK schools is competitive! Your best chances are starting early to prepare all the components of a strong application. This means achieving high marks in your academics, showing your interest in the school by attending a Taster Tour, understanding the qualities each school will be looking for, providing a strong admissions application with personal statement, and finally presenting well at interview. G5 Education will prepare you with all these skills, giving you a strategy for success.