Post-Admissions Pathway

Below is a description of the Post-Admissions Pathway and services we offer at G5 Education. Our Post-Admissions Services are offered to students that are already attending schools in the UK who need a little extra support with their studies. We have experience in helping our students achieve top grades in all subjects at GCSE, A-Level and IB.

Consultancy Clinic 

Every service we offer at G5 Education starts at our Consultancy Clinic. G5 Education offers students the highest chances of achieving success in exams. We assist students and families with everything from guardianship, homestay, and a full range of study support while at school. We guide and support your family through the UK education system while helping students develop and keep focus on their career ambitions to go to the top universities in the UK.

Student Programmes: Holiday Courses

Every school holiday, G5 Education offers holiday courses at the world’s most prestigious schools and universities. These courses allow students to develop fundamental skills that will prove invaluable to them in later life, interact with other exceptional students from around the world, and gain first-hand experience of life abroad. 


At our Consultancy Clinic, students will be shown the kinds of academic skills that will be required for schools admissions in the UK. We offer academic assistance with school lessons and homework, with a special focus on exam technique at GSCE and A-level. We believe that working consistently is the key to achieving the high marks at exams. 

Guardianship Services 

At G5 Education, our Student Guardianship Service is divided into three types of services: Guardianship Only, Homestay Only and Homestay + which includes a study support option. 


G5 Education guardians are reliable and responsible: they empathise with the children that are living away from home, and understand their parents' concerns while they are away. They are committed to keeping very close and regular communications between student, parents, and schools. Some of our homestay student mentors are teachers themselves, and often provide extra help with school work and study support.