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HR professional (MCIPD) with a particular interest in change management, organisational development and L&D. Proven track record of establishing and delivering strategic programmes for effective recruiting, induction, talent management and people change.

I specialise in collaborating with leaders to develop practical Human Resources solutions that really work. I love helping people to do their jobs better, whether they work in professional services, education or industry.

I aim to always deliver effective, quantifiable outcomes, and hope that my academic background gives my work intellectual credibility, whilst my varied management experience across diverse industries and cultures lends a unique perspective. 


Edwin Hawkes  - G5 International Organisation Development Consultant

G5 Education

Edwin Hawkes 



B.A. Modern History & Politics; Lady Margaret Hall, 

University of Oxford.

M.A. Japanese Cultural Studies; Birkbeck, University of London

M.Sc. Human Resources Management; Robert Gordon University 


ETRA: Middle East, KSA 

Kingdom Teachers Group, Middle East, Dubai

Kingdom Teachers Group, Beijing, China 

G5 Education, London, UK


G5 International Organisation Development Consultant 

G5 Tutor English Language and Literature  

G5 University Applications, Personal Statements, Interview Skills


Business Management Skills 

Business Consultant 

Public Speaking 



2 0 1 8 - P r e s e n t
   Head of Education and International 
Organisational Development Consultant 
2 0 1 6 - 2 0 1 8
  Learning and Development Consultant
& Academic Supervisor
2 0 1 2 - 2 0 1 6
Learning Consultant
- Industrial Training Workshops Manager

G 5  E d u c a t i o n ,  L o n d o n ,   U  K 

Offering innovative solutions for our UK and international partners, with a particular focus on effective business development through efficient recruitment, induction, quality control and talent management strategies.

F G  A c a d e m y ,  B e i j i n g ,  C H I N A    &    L o n d o n,  U K

As Learning Manager between Dec 2016 and Dec 2018 I was responsible for ensuring the quality, consistency, and integrity of the full cycle of Learning & Development at this busy Education Consultancy: consulting with, coaching and mentoring a variety of clients and other stakeholders.

S a u d i  E l e c t r i c  S e r i v c e s  P o l y t e c h n i c , R y i a d h ,  K S A

I had a variety of L&D responsibilities at both strategic and transactional levels during my 4+ years at this extraordinary start-up project: a national chain of SQA-accredited polytechnics designed to train new employees of the Saudi Electricity Company. Projects delivered included Technical English programmes, outreach projects and secondments to local universities and community colleges as the Senior Training Coordinator. 



1 9 9 8 - 2 0 0 2 
Lady Margaret Hall, University of Oxford 
2 0 0 2 - 2 0 0 4
Birkbeck, University of London
2 0 1 7 - 2 0 2 0
Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon University

B.A. Modern History & Politics 

2:1 (Hons.)

M.A. Japanese Cultural Studies 

M.Sc. Human Resources Management

Post Graduate Diploma Human Resources Management 

CIPD Level 7





In my own consultancy work  I am primarily concerned with the strategy, structure, management and the operations of a company. I work to identify options for companies and suggest recommendations for change, as well as advising on additional resources to implement solutions. 

Training, Learning & Development 

As a long term professional L&D expert I think about what skills companies 

possess now & what skills they need in the future. I constantly need to ask and answer questions like; Do these 

trainees have the skills that organisations need? How can they be developed? Are there any gaps in the skills base that could and should be filled?

Business Presentations 

Over the course of my career, I have come to realise one of my greatest strengths is delivering effective business presentations.  It has earned me leadership positions and helped me build a large client network. 

My roles have always involved elements of strong communication skills and I naturally gravitate towards these kinds of positions.


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