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We are G5!

Our University Admissions Consultants have all studied at and come through G5 Universities in the UK. We fully understand the applications process because we have all complete it successfully.  We understand the University applications requirements throughly and we have the expertise to help you secure an offer. We have worked closely with the G5 Universities and they know our reputation and our students. 



Will I make it to G5?

We have designed a questionnaire which will tell you if you are G5 Material? It is a very good place to start as a potential G5 Candidate! We will give you a very accurate indication which will tell you:


If you are on course for an G5 University offer 

If you have potential with work to become a G5  Candidate 


We will indicate how much work you will need 

If you do not have G5 potential, we will make a recommendation that will be successfuly for you 


The results will be sent to you and gives you a full recommendation.


The questionaire will take 10-20 minutes to complete


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